How it All Began

In 1992, one of our brothers from Canada was interested in visiting The Bible Lands. As a result, he invited fellow Witnesses to join him tour the Middle East. They were able to explore many of the heritage sites relevant to historical Biblical events.

Our brother was aware of licensed travel operators who arrange faith-based pilgrim tours. This provision would allow customized private tours for Jehovah’s Witnesses only. Many of our brothers and sisters expressed their desire to travel with fellow worshipers for tours such as these. As a result, Discover Bible Lands™ Tours were organized to offer a spiritual focus. Since 1992, we have found great success and strong appetite for our competitively priced packages and itineraries.  

Enriching and Affordable

From our very first Discover Bible Lands™ Tour, our determination has always been to help our brothers & sisters enjoy the trip of a lifetime at the lowest price! How do we succeed in doing so? Thousands of hours are invested in negotiating reasonable prices because of our strong relationships with our travel operators. 

What is our winning formula for a successful Bible Lands Tour? It is all about balance. We provide competitively priced packages that include high-quality accommodation and comfort. Our itineraries maximise our time to see as many sites as possible, with days-off in between. Fun activities are planned with plenty of time to relax and unwind is a must! 

A Time of Exciting Changes

Since 1992 our tours were primarily for Jehovah’s Witnesses located in Canada. However, it became apparent that many of our brothers and sisters from all parts of the world would like to join us. It has been a joy over the years to experience how united we are as a global brotherhood. 

In 2012, succession planning ensured the continuation of Discover Bible Lands™. JW Bible Lands Tours™️ and JW Global Tours™️ are trademarked to help clearly identify Jehovah's Witnesses who organized Bible Lands Tours.

An Incredible Legacy

What can a traveller expect to experience with our comprehensive tour packages? You will visit much more than the top 10 attractions in the Middle East. These tours are beyond being the average tourist. They are designed for you to take in the sights and sounds as a diligent Bible student. With this in mind, we are continually adding new sites and tours to our offering. 

Your tour guide, often an elder in special full-time service, is passionate about Bible history and attentive to detail. Be prepared to enjoy a banquet of spiritual food unlike any other. 

We love you all dearly. It is a real privilege to experience this spiritual adventure with you! 

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