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Electricity is 220v, you will need a universal adapter. 


  • ISRAEL. You will enjoy a warm climate. In September the temperature will vary between 15 – 40°C (60-105°F), depending on whether we are on a mountain, in the desert, or by the sea. Pack accordingly 
  • EGYPT: The weather is quite warm, particularly during the day. In Luxor and Aswan, temperatures run between 22-40°C (70-105°F)
  • TURKEY: You will experience 4 different seasons in two weeks. Both early summer and autumn, the temperature will vary between 5 – 35°C (40-95°F), depending on whether we are on a mountain or in the city


You may wish to pack some clothing in your carry-on bag in case checked luggage is lost. It is possible to hand wash your clothes in your room, provided you pack some detergent. Ensure you bring some modest clothing for sites where you are required to cover your chest, shoulders & knees. Head coverings are also necessary, you could use a light scarf/pashmina. At least one pair of pants that go past the knees (men and women), and at least one shirt that goes past the elbows (men and women). You will need a sun hat and sunglasses. 

  • ISRAEL: We will have an opportunity to swim in the Mediterranean Sea, Sea of Galilee, and the Dead Sea. Also, the hotels have swimming pools. Casual summer clothing is encouraged. There is no need for formal attire
  • EGYPT: During hotel dinners and the Nile cruise it is preferred to dress elegant/casual. When hiking on Mount Sinai the temperature will drop significantly, therefore a heavy jacket/sweater is required. Please keep most of your clothing in your hand-luggage for this tour, due to logistics with several hotel changes
  • TURKEY: Casual autumn clothing is encouraged. There is no need for formal attire

Please ensure you have the following types of footwear for: 

  • Walking/hiking 
  • Swimming pool area
  • Hotel dining 
  • Water shoes for places such as Hezekiah's Tunnel & The Dead / Red Sea


Most ATMs accept foreign debit & credit cards. You can also use your credit card in most places.  

  • ISRAEL: New Israeli Shekel (NIS). USD or NIS are recommended
  • EGYPT: The currency in Egypt is the Egyptian Pound, USD is required
  • TURKEY: Turkish Lira (TL). US Dollars, Euros, and TL are recommended


We strongly encourage you to bring a cell phone and/or tablet pre-loaded with the JW Library App. We will use this resource extensively. Each day, we will briefly consider the daily text on our way to the first site. There will also be an abbreviated study of the Watchtower if time allows.

Also, battery life tends to go quickly after extra usage. In the sun, you will probably require your screen to be at full brightness. Please therefore bring your device chargers


Flight E-Tickets: Please bring a hardcopy back up of your flight ticket to the airport for departure 

Lapel Badge:  Please wear your name tag at all times, especially in the hotels to gain access to breakfast & dinner

Food & Water

Though breakfast and evening buffet meals are provided, please consider bringing snacks with you for the days we are touring.

For health reasons, bottled water is recommended. There will be a constant supply of bottled water on our coach for approximately $1 USD each. You can also bring bottled water from the hotel. Travel water bottles will be available. Please have it full and with you every day to avoid dehydration and sunstroke


  • Egypt Air: To Be Confirmed
  • El Al Airlines: One checked-in suitcase per person up to 23 kilos (50 Pounds) One carry-on 8 kilos/17 pounds, and one purse. 
  • Turkish Airlines: One checked-in suitcase per person up to 20 kilos (approx.50 Pounds) One carry-on 8 kilos/17 pounds, and one purse.

Other Helpful Items

  • Flashlight/Miner’s light, to place on your head to be hands-free. There are several sites where this will be helpful for all our tours.  
  • Small roll/pack of toilet paper (most sites have toilet paper, but a few places do not, or very little!) 
  • Sunscreen and hand sanitizer/wipes


Ensure your passport is valid for at least 6 months beyond the date our tours conclude


Please review your countries recommendations


Please review your country’s status with all countries visited on the tour you select   

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