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Being On Time

We sincerely wish for everyone to have an enjoyable vacation. This includes being able to visit all planned sites for each day. In order to accomplish a successful tour, we are depending on everyone to be on time. For the daily start time, personal exploration time, photography break, bathroom or lunch stops, please arrive back to the coach at the designated time. This will ensure no one is deprived of a complete tour. - 1 Cor. 14:40

Our Conduct

While touring we can provide the best possible witness to the driver, guides & other non-witness tour facilitators. Our guide has worked with the witnesses for many years, and will do their best to provide accurate information. Please refrain from tactlessly correcting or questioning our non-witness partners if at times certain points taught are at odds with what Jehovah has made clear to us. We know the truth! w97 3/15 p. 12, paragraph 3

Personal Information

Contact details of our brothers and sisters touring is confidential, and should not be used for mass emails or distribution. w00 10/1 p.32

Room Charges

Please promptly pay any room charges the evening before check-out. This will avoid last minute delays when departing from the hotel 

Use of Social Media

Please be extra careful with your social media posts. Please kindly ask permission from any person who may be seen in your post. May we all show love in respecting the privacy and personal feelings of one another. w97 3/15 p. 12, paragraph 4

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