International Heritage Tours, is a TICO (Travel Industry Council of Ontario) licensed travel agency. International Heritage Tours organize private faith-based Biblical Tours for Jehovah's Witnesses, care of, Discover Bible Lands Inc. These tours come under the TICO provision of SPECIAL INTEREST TRAVEL. These Biblical Tours are arranged for the sole purpose of enjoying a spiritually uplifting vacation with fellow-believers. Discover Bible Lands™ was established with the intent of facilitating tours tailored to the beliefs of fellow Jehovah's Witnesses. The organization of private faith-based Biblical Tours provides an environment conducive to Bible learning in the context of ancient history and archeology .

The applicant confirms they are baptized Jehovah’s Witnesses in good spiritual standing. The applicant will share their congregation service committee's contact details for verification. The applicant understands and agrees with automatic termination of their registration if false information is provided. In this case, refunds will be issued in accordance with the cancellation policy. In the unfortunate circumstance it becomes known during the tour that a passenger is no longer one of Jehovah’s Witnesses or in good standing, the applicant understands and agrees they will not be participating in the itinerary or associating with the group for the remainder of the tour. They will be expected to arrange their own travel affairs. No refund will be provided. Previously arranged accommodations and flights will be honoured. 

All tour information can be found in the Application Package. Quotes for travel insurance, flights, airline fuel costs, land portion, and similar are subject to change. International Heritage Tours provide travel insurance quotes for those residing in Canada. Each traveller is responsible for themselves in case of trip cancellation or interruption, lost luggage, accident, theft, medical / injury, and other circumstances not mentioned. The traveller accepts Discover Bible Lands Inc. cannot be held responsible or liable for such. We may not visit all places mentioned in the itinerary, and hotels may also change. Travellers are responsible for their own adequate travel & health insurance for the duration of the tour. Cancellation may result in forfeit of the full cost of the tour. The traveller will have to claim any loses through travel insurance if a policy was purchased. International Heritage Tours will issue an invoice for all payments made, which may be used for an insurance claim, if the correct travel insurance was purchased, and the traveller qualifies for such. 

The following trademarks are registered and owned by Discover Bible Lands Inc. These include: Discover Bible Lands™, JW Bible Lands Tours™, JW Global Tours™, and Let The Past Inspire Your Future

PRIVACY:  The applicant provides consent for their personal information contained in their application to be shared with travel operators, airlines, and similar for the purpose of arranging the tour.  

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